Tuesday, November 5, 2013


You place yourself miles away. Away from a crowd that reeks of pleasantries and joyousness. The distance you put between them and yourself is as great as pitch darkness, depriving this void any glimpse of light. Thinking to yourself that this distance will build up a wall of immunity to the goodness life holds. Little do you know, that misery seeks company as well.

You find a home in dark alleys and shelters, hoping to never cross paths with happiness. Human, yet your soul darkened to ash, your heart calls out for this burden to be uplifted. Though battered, scarred and tormented, it is fragile. You'll meet strangers' eyes with utmost determination, never once to look away and give way to shame, sorrow or regret. Your ego, by this time is all that matters.

All necessary measure taken to lead a worthless life, alas, you're not one to be satisfied and die away with relief. You point your fingers up and point in all directions. Hoping to end a misers' life, the only source of wealth being misery, never once have you looked in to this stone cold heart of yours, and realized that there is a hole, as vast as the blue ocean floor, that's endless. The walls you build around yourself, pointless.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I survive..

Surviving, it’s a true miracle to survive. It takes up courage and a whole lot of hope to look forward to another day and surviving the worst. I survive every day, and though I am never rewarded for such an effort, in my heart I know I’ve accomplished something great. The world need not know about it, but I know I did all that was in my power to get past the challenges life had to throw my way today. Waking up every morning is a hard task to accomplish indeed, because as soon as my eyes open to the morning rays of sunshine I wonder what I’ll look forward to today. Will I make a difference in the world; perhaps the entire population will appreciate my existence. Will I win the lottery, and as I hope, will money be the answer to all of my problems? Will I suddenly grow 2 more inches in height? Do I make a small change today that’ll contribute to my community? Perhaps I’ll meet the love of my life today.

I survive, even though I don’t accomplish any of the above listed tasks, I know deep down I had the ability to break down and lose hope at this cruel world, I had the right to get mad at my fate and every chance life had to pull down to the ground, I stood up again with my head held high and my shoulders straight. Oh no, it’s never easy to do that. The little spark of hope we all see is tiny in comparison to the gloom and doom we witness every day. No I am not on a wheel chair, nor do I have cancer. For that matter I’m perfectly normal. I live with a perfectly normal family (but what’s perfect?) and an almost complete life. Survival isn’t only for those who go through drastic changes in life anymore; I say I survived because I had the courage to look forward to a better future, to a better life.

I say I survived because I thank Him I was given a chance to live today and that hopefully I’ll be given another chance to live tomorrow. I look forward to life, with a determination to face all the challenges it has to throw my way ..